This kitchen underwent a stunning renovation with a focus on deep colours. The vibrant transformation has brought life to the space, creating a warm and inviting atmosphere. The cabinets now boast a rich, dark shade that adds a touch of elegance and sophistication to the room. The walls have been painted with a deep, bold hue, complementing the cabinetry perfectly. The countertops shine in a sleek and glossy finish, adding a modern touch to the overall design. The deep colours chosen for this kitchen makeover have completely transformed the space, giving it a stylish and luxurious feel. Whether it's cooking a delicious meal or entertaining guests, this revamped kitchen is now an absolute delight to be in.

The client was on a budget and generally happy with the existing kitchen layout. We downsized from two fridges to one French door fridge, removed the existing wine fridge and relocated two new wine fridges, one on top of the other, next to the new fridge. This allowed us to open up then end of this area and create a new large storage cupboard. The only other reconfiguration was changing the cooktop from a 60cm to a 90cm, and we had the stone bench top cut out to fit. Our instructions were to maintain the old bench tops due to budget constraints, however, we were able to replace all the of the appliances, with black and black stainless to match the new colour scheme, within budget.

The old round stainless sinks were replaced with new black granite blend sinks and black tapware. In addition, the glass splash backs were removed and replaced with shiny textured tiles, which were extended all the way to the bulkhead behind the range hood. Instead of buying new expensive handles, the original handles were powder coated to match the color of the new drawer fronts and doors. Furthermore, the frame of the glass display cabinet door was removed and painted to achieve a seamless look throughout the kitchen. These changes not only gave the kitchen a modern and cohesive aesthetic, but also added functionality and elegance to the space.

Kitchen Renovation

Brookwater, Q