Living, Dining, Library & Office Makeover

Augustine Heights, Q

This young professional couple, along with their toddler, sought to infuse their home with character and create a coastal ambiance. Considering their budget, they prioritised redesigning the living, dining, office, and spare living area, which they envisioned as a cosy library and reading room. It was crucial for them to select furniture that was both durable and sturdy, able to withstand the demands of their active lifestyle and the presence of a young child.

The clients were enthusiastic about adding vibrancy and vitality to their rooms. They had a strong desire for feature walls, along with new furniture, artwork, and decor. Despite budget constraints, we were able to create a serene coastal atmosphere by carefully selecting cool paint colors, updating furniture pieces, and incorporating coastal-themed artwork and decor. To achieve the desired design, we scoured various online and physical outlets for the perfect furniture pieces. By doing so, we successfully brought a refreshing and soothing coastal ambience to the rooms, fulfilling the clients' vision.

In the living area, we made some exciting updates to create a cosy and stylish space. To add a touch of drama, we chose a darker teal color for two of the walls, creating stunning feature walls. To complement this color scheme, we introduced corduroy green lounges that offer durability, comfort and sophistication. To tie everything together, we added a new entertainment unit and carefully selected decor pieces. We also took advantage of the client's existing coffee table, plants, and artwork, incorporating them into the design to add a personal touch. The result is a harmonious and inviting living area where the new decor seamlessly blends with the existing elements.

Through to the dining area we enhanced the overall look by painting one of the walls in a lighter teal shade that beautifully complemented the existing living walls. Additionally, we introduced new dining chairs, a buffet, and artwork, completely transforming the space. The clients also had an unused living area, which they wished to convert into a library/reading area. To achieve this, we painted two feature walls in a deep navy color that matched the chosen navy bookshelves. The original blue lounge from the living area was repurposed in this room, along with new soft furnishings. We also relocated a cupboard from the office to this area. These changes not only maximised the functionality of the space but also created a stunning and inviting atmosphere and helped adhere to the budget.

The office has been transformed with a fresh new look by adding two feature walls painted in a soothing aqua color. To maintain a cohesive design, the client's white desk was utilised, and a white cupboard was relocated from the dining area. These additions perfectly complement the cool aqua walls, creating a harmonious atmosphere. The final touch was adding carefully selected decor pieces, which added a touch of personality and completed the overall aesthetic. The office now exudes a sense of revitalisation and offers a serene and inviting space for work.

This project is almost complete with photos to come soon.