Living Room Renovation

Brookwater, Q

Our client expressed their desire to completely transform their living area, which also involved updating the furniture, rug, and decor. To commence the process, we began by painting the walls with a soft, warm white shade, creating a pleasant and inviting ambiance. To add a touch of elegance and visual interest, we installed wooden paneling from the floor to the ceiling behind the television. This not only enhanced the aesthetic appeal of the space but also provided a stunning backdrop for the TV.

The focus when selecting furniture was on durability and comfort, ensuring a long-lasting lounge experience. To achieve this, we opted for a striking tan leather lounge, perfectly complemented by a sleek, minimalistic dark low line entertainment unit. The choice of wall panelling was carefully considered to enhance the overall aesthetic and harmonize with the color of the lounge. Additionally, a black cabinet was strategically chosen to define the space between the wall and floor, adding depth and visual interest to the room.

We decided to enhance the overall feel of the room by selecting a black sheepskin rug. This choice not only adds texture to the space but also brings a touch of luxury. It perfectly fulfills the client's desire for a softness underfoot, creating a cosy and inviting atmosphere. To maximise the functionality of the room, we repurposed the cowhide ottoman by placing a round piece of glass on top, transforming it into a sleek coffee table. Furthermore, we introduced a small round side table, providing an additional surface for beverages and smaller items. This clever addition not only adds an extra element of space but also contributes to the overall functionality and convenience of the room.

The overall design was brought together by incorporating accents of green and gold in the artificial plants, pots, soft furnishings, and decor. These subtle pops of color add a touch of vibrancy and sophistication to the space. The green hues blend seamlessly with the natural surroundings, creating a harmonious and calming environment. The gold accents add a touch of elegance and luxury. The combination of these colours create a visually appealing and cohesive look, enhancing the overall aesthetic of the room.

The result is a carefully curated living space that exudes both style and functionality.