Moody Blues Bedroom Makeover

Brookwater, Q.

This client brief was for a bedroom makeover with a bold and moody atmosphere, and to change the open wire racking for enclosed robe storage. Due to budget constraints, they decided to keep the original bedroom suite and allocate a significant portion of the budget for the robes. The walls were transformed from beige to white, with a striking blue feature wall behind the bed and on the opposite side. To add depth, the rear wall of the robe area was painted black. Ikea PAX wardrobes were installed on both sides of the walk-through robe area, featuring dark woodgrain and grey glass doors. Additional accessory drawers were included for jewelry, and glass front drawers were provided for shoes and handbags.

Artwork was carefully selected to enhance the overall aesthetic, and to complement this, we incorporated black satin bed linen with silver accents for a touch of sophistication. To add another layer of texture, a deep blue faux fur throw and cushion were added to the bed. We recovered the ottoman with blue upholstery fabric to tie in with the overall colour scheme. In order to create a neater and more organized space, trays were placed on the bedside tables to hold lamps and small decorative items. We also enlisted the help of an electrician to replace the outdated silver downlights with white rimmed LED lights, as well as installing a powerpoint behind the wall mounted TV to hide any cables. In the ensuite, we ensured a thorough cleaning and provided high-quality navy Egyptian cotton bath sheets, hand towels, and bath mats for added comfort. Decorative navy pots with artificial plants, as per the client's request, were placed around the spa, along with candles to create a cozy atmosphere. To complete the look, navy and white soap dispensers were added.

Photos coming soon.....